Faith Seed 1 – Creation

SGod has a plan.  shield-492992_640Trying to understand all the complexities of our universe would be akin to an ant walking across the keyboard of your computer and trying to comprehend the Internet.

This is a concept that I practiced with my clients. Faith works!

Ask yourself: Does it really matter if it was a “big bang” or an orderly progression of creation as described in the first verse of Genesis?

All we need to believe is that some outside force was acting in either case.

God's planIn the beginning of your spiritual development try not to “Major in the minors” I have found in my practice that building on a solid foundation creates the best results for a purposeful life. So, let’s keep an open mind to why God would want to create the universe we now reside in. It’s not like he needed us but he wanted us to be an expression of his love.

Genesis 1 confirms that God is outside of time. It states that God created the Heavens and the Earth.

We have a starting point, and we know who created the starting point.

Taking this fact into full consideration, it is a wonderful revelation that in the beginning, there was purpose.

There is a clear beginning, and everything that begins must inevitably end. It relieves me to know that we are currently in this linear progression, heading towards what will ultimately be revealed as God’s plan for us.