Proscenic M8 Pro review: sucks, washes, has a super battery (and is commercially available)

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Proscenic M8 Pro review: sucks, washes, has a super battery (and is commercially available)

Let’s face it, house cleaning has never been easier. And for this invaluable convenience, we must thank not only the market for cordless vacuum cleaners, but above all, the market for robotic vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning products. Because if there is a sector full of alternatives, this is it.

There have been many alternatives over the years, and the offer can guarantee products with superior performance and affordable prices for all budgets, and the Proscenic M8 Pro is by far one of the clearest examples of automatic robots for cleaning and mopping.

By now we know the company more than well. Over time the Proscenic has become synonymous with excellent value for money, we have rated it 850T and we continue to do so with the Proscenic M8 Pro which is enriched with a self-emptying base: it is a mid to high-end model capable of vacuuming, washing and self-cleaning, which is equipped with an excellent 3D sensor. – cartography of the house.

Everything at a very interesting price: officially on Amazon it costs 549.00, but with the help of a coupon (located in the box below) you can take it home. at 344.60 euros. Not bad, right?

Proscenic M8 Pro review: robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber with a self-cleaning base.

Unpacking and contents of the package.

Given its nature, the packaging of the Proscenic M8 Pro is larger than that of robotic vacuum cleaners and floors. The reason, of course, is the standard self-cleaning base. In addition to the robot and the emptying stand, the kit includes a microfiber cloth for polishing the floors, a rotating brush, a remote control for controlling the robot without having to be subordinate to a smartphone 4 replacement bags to be inserted into the base for cleaning.

Design and materials.

Il Proscenic M8 Pro continues to carry the typical design of the company. The forms are clearly simple and lack aesthetic elements that stand out. The entire robot is made of very durable polycarbonate in a very elegant color, and in the center of the robot is a typical laser turret used for 3D mapping, which uses a powerful IPNAS 3 sensor system that guarantees high detection accuracy.

Floor plan and any obstacles.

Also in the upper part there is a panel with control keys for the vacuum cleaner, which do not touch the touch and allow you to control its operation and return it to the charging base. Below are two large wheels (capable of negotiating obstacles up to 1.8 cm high), a center brush and a single-sided brush.

The construction of the self-emptying bottom is also very simple. The color is identical to that of the main robot, and the suction point is located at the front in the center of the two charging connectors. Above is a status indicator, next to which there are two touch-sensitive keys.

The upper part of the turret opens: a garbage bag must be inserted inside, the validity of which does not exceed 60 days.

We are talking about a robot that not only sucks up dirt, but also washes and polishes the floors, which uses one container for both purposes: it is combined and can contain 280 ml of powder and 300 ml of water. And, of course, these are not the largest containers that can be seen in such a device, but they are more than enough to organize cleaning in an apartment with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 120 square meters.

Application and functionality.

The Proscenic M8 Pro is controlled through the Proscenic Home app, which is the app with which the company decided to centralize all the devices in its ecosystem, as Xiaomi does. And I have to admit, even though I wasn’t originally a fan of it, I had to think again, even if there is one detail that I just couldn’t make me fall.

After connecting to a wireless network and mapping the house for the first time, what I recommend to do by removing all obstacles that the robot vacuum cleaner may meet in its path, controlling the various washing and suction modes, all the built-in functions in the robot vacuum cleaner can be modified and controlled with an emergency simplicity.

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