My favorite quote about faith is from Dr. Martin Luther King:

 “Faith is taking the next step when you don’t see the whole staircase.”   

Our goal at Sower Life Coaching is to enable you to see your very own staircase and to equip you with enough understanding of your Creator’s intention for your life to help you ascend to your full potential.

So I ask you, “What do you have faith in?”   

Many of you might be saying, “I have no faith in anything.”   But I assure you have more faith than you think.   

Think of something you probably do every day.  

 I’m talking about your computer specifically, the Internet.   Think about it.   How many of us can give an accurate description of how the Internet works?   

The same thing could be said about the unfathomable energy that we call “God.”   For us to understand, that would be akin to an ant walking across the keyboard of our computer and trying to figure out the Internet.

Luckily for us, God has given us an instruction manual.   It is called “SCRIPTURE”.   For some of you, I can feel the hairs on your neck start to bristle, “Not those old, out-dated stories I hear you saying.”   I have met many people, even those who fill the churches of our country, who truly have no idea of God’s intention for His creation and how it plays out in their lives.

We shall, as I stated, try to give you an overview of how the events of the scriptures played out.  With our newfound knowledge, we shall increase our faith in God and His ultimate plan of restoring the broken relationship to where it once was.

Congratulations. You finished the first step of our journey. We will welcome you to the second part - Hope.

Hope   in a loving God, who no matter what we have done in the past, forgive us so we can have a relationship with Him. God always forgive us to fulfill our purpose that we were created for as we will see in the Hope series with Noah, Moses, Abraham and others.