Faith Seed 4 – Abraham one of God’s dutiful servants

Dutiful Servant

As we deepen our understanding, we learn that with God, all things are possible.  Abraham and Sarah had a child named Isaac.  Because Abraham had been proven weak in obeying God before, God commanded that he sacrifice Isaac to test his faith.  This must have bewildered Abraham.  But now, trusting God, Abraham took Isaac to the mount, and set up an altar to sacrifice his beloved son.  Through this act of faith, God credited Abraham as being righteous, and stopped him from killing his son.  Put yourself in Abraham’s shoes right now, and think about how great his faith must have been.  He knew that even if he killed Isaac, with God’s power, his son would be brought back to life.  This was God’s covenant with him.  God promised that his descendants would be many, and Abraham had no reason not to believe just that.

This also foreshadows God’s power over death.  If God chose, He could have raised Isaac from the dead, in the same way He rose Christ from the dead.

God has absolute power over His creation, and as His precious creation, it is your duty to abide to His will for you every day of your life.

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