Flood Lights in Uganda

August 18, 2021 sower40

Flood Lights in Uganda
Flood Lights in Uganda
cold light (6400K)
soft cold light (6500K)
soft cold light (6500K)
Application of LED floodlight for street lighting
The LED floodlight is suitable for illuminating decorations, building facade, swimming pool, gazebo, stand or fountain. Powerful street LED lamps and floodlights are used to illuminate streets, hangars, parking lots, squares, and personal plots.
Before buying lighting equipment, determine where it will be installed, what power you need, configuration and dimensions.
Benefits of Using LED Flood Light
Characteristics of LED floodlights:
The device consumes a minimum of electrical energy and provides illumination of large objects and territories: squares, streets, parks.
• Variety of shapes
In addition to dimensional devices for lighting public events, squares and parks, there are quite small options for home, office, private areas and lighting of small objects.
• Long working time Flood Lights in Uganda
The LED lamp works continuously for up to 50,000 hours. Fact for comparison: the average life of a fluorescent lamp is up to 5,000 hours, and an incandescent lamp is less than 1,000 hours.
• Adaptation to voltage drops