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Review provided by Jim Breazeale

“Despite the hectic fall, I was able to read your book. I very much appreciate you sending it and also your willingness to open up and share (so publicly) some of the harder challenges you’ve faced in life. I’d also like to say how impressed I am at how you have re-engineered your professional life and are now providing such inspiration and guidance to others – all great work … with eternal value!

One of the topics that I saw recurring through the text, and which resonated with me, was the reference to pride and the affect it can have on our lives. I struggle with this in my own life, recognizing its pervasive and potent impact. I can only imagine its destructive impact when coupled with substance abuse and addiction. Your treatment of the topic of our materialistic society, if not idolatry in general, was very helpful. How often we measure our self-worth and our so called “success”, by worldly metrics and comparison to those around us. We then spend our waking hours trying to improve against that record – vanity of vanities.

I hope you find this brief feedback helpful. Having never written a book, I can only guess at the work and effort that goes into it. I hope my comments aren’t too superficial. Thank you for taking the time write The Road Home.

God bless you, Dai.

Your friend,

Review provided by Zabelle Bedrosian Huss

David Rhys Jones’ teachings in The Road Home help us see that it’s healthy habits that dictate our futures and that putting the love of God first in our lives is the best habit we can cultivate. His book guides us through scripture-driven meditations which ask us questions in ways that encourage complete honesty with ourselves in finding answers we may never have considered before but can be life changing. What a way to learn! What’s stopping us from loving God more deeply? What stops us from realizing just how much He loves us? Is it more important what others think about us or what God thinks, and how does the answer to questions like that help us best become the truly whole and content person God created us to be? The Road Home inspires us to be our best self, with the “peace of mind of knowing that God is always in control.”

David helps us to understand that deep faith and trust in God are pivotal to a believer’s journey . His teachings encourage and prod us gently to question how we got off that road and how to get right back on, forgiving ourselves and others and setting ourselves free. He reminds us how important it is to be in community with those on the same journey, seeking help and acceptance and giving the same. Jesus died for us! David makes this concept so personal to each of us, so much a part of our lives, so integral to our emotional health, that it fills us with promise and gratitude and unconditional love. If you have an opportunity to either read the book or study the book with David Jones, you’ll be blessed!
Zabelle Bedrosian Huss

Review by Cynthia O.

“From brokeness to hope! I felt lifted, understood, and encouraged by reading David’s book, “The Road Home” Even the title brought me hope.
David’s thought-provoking questions kept me focused on my everyday issues by using his own personal stories, from which I could identify.. He gently uncovers the traps, shows the potential damage they can do, and helps guide the reader by changing the perspective on how to view events and circumstances.
Recognizing attitudes that need changing is key to having peace and freedom.”

In Christ, Cynthia

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