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Spiritual Sickness

June 17, 2016 sower40 No comments exist

Who cares tSpiritual Sicknesso admit they have a spiritual sickness? 

Let me ask you this:

  • Who taught you to lie or steal?
  • Who taught you to blame others for what you had done?
  • Who taught you to hoard all the toys in your room?
  • Who taught you to chase after the toy that your friend was playing with because you deemed it was yours?

Chances are that no one taught you those things. Those things come from the dark part of our hearts. In theological terms, they call this the ‘flesh’ or the ‘fallen state.’

This all becomes evident when you look at children playing. No one taught them to grab all the blocks and keep them for themselves and then, when another child comes along and takes one of those  blocks, to forget about the ninety-nine they already have and go after the one block the other child has.

SelfishThis is the kind of discontent we have in our lives and our society today. This self-centeredness is the root cause of our dis-ease with life and this it’s all about me attitude.


“Fate is what happens to you destiny is what you do with it.”

Perception is everything in life and will be the foundation for our future growth and will ultimately lead us along the road of recovery.

Unless we apply our thinking along a more spiritual plane, we will always be Not Me!!!!stuck in the negative or dark side, the part where our ego has complete domain.

That self-centeredness destroys any spiritual growth. We all have it; it is part of the human condition. Nothing external can fix an internal spiritual problem. Many people deal with these external problems with self-indulgence.

The substance does not matter; alcohol, chocolate, cookies, heroin, shopping, etc. Recognizing some of the areas of your life where the ‘dis-ease’ with life grows is a start on the pathway to peace and freedom from the bondage of self.

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